A Royal Risk. Novel news and catching up…

Long time no speak (type?), but if it’s any consolation, I’ve been pretty busy. I think it’s about time I started publishing some of these other stories I mentioned, hmm? Here’s your first taste, A Royal Risk:

A Royal Risk

Temptation and danger lurk around every corner, and Queen Susanna finds them both in her lover’s arms. Like any loyal nobleman, Sir William Chase loves his king, but his true devotion lies with his lovely queen. With only a curtain to hide them from the rest of the castle, Susanna knows the risk is great … but with her lover so keen to worship her, the rewards will be even greater.

Warning: Contains scenes of infidelity, voyeurism and anal sex. 14k+ words. Adults only!

Here’s a sneaky little peek under the cover that you won’t find elsewhere:

With her heart in her mouth, she drew back the heavy curtain and stepped into the small dark space beyond.
The air was cooler there, but could not account for the way she shivered. She was cut off from the flickering torchlight of the corridor, caught between the curtain’s thick velvet and the heavy cover of night. The window looked out towards only sea and sky, black and endless, without even the moon to peek its pale face through the thick clouds overhead. She was seen only by her pale reflection. If she stared too long into that darkness outside, it would be easy enough to imagine herself alone in that cold world she had discovered. The sound of footsteps behind her – louder now, just beyond the curtain’s edge – told her she would not be cold for long.
At last, the curtain moved, and with it came her man. Another thrilling little shudder ran through her primed body as the drape fell back into place behind him, wrapping the pair of them in delicious isolation, just as he now began to wind himself around her body. Susanna felt the firmness of his chest against her back, the gentle whisper of his breath coming from far nearer than any man but the king had any right to be.
“My queen.” His words warmed her ear, hot and honeyed. Firm hands slipped around her waist and made their harbour low down upon her stomach. “My lady.”
“William,” she whispered.
In the dim light of her alcove, only the faintest ghosts were reflected in the window glass, yet it was as though a devil had swept down upon her, she in her paler colours and he draped in naught but darkness. Even so, she could not help but think how well the two of them matched. They were two lonely and lustful souls who had broken away from the crowd, brought together in mutual need, and for one sweet and sinful purpose. She wanted him then far more than she had ever wanted her lord husband, and knew that he would give her all she desired – all in due time. For the moment, the two of them relished in that resting of his hands, that long-awaited and forbidden touch. His fingers flexed just the barest amount, hardly ruffling her gown, but even that smallest caress made her shiver. With just one step, he had plastered himself along her back, the rising heat of both their bodies melding at long last.
The first kiss he pressed to the side of her neck made her gasp; the second caused her to moan – far too loud in their small and secret space. They had to be quiet, showing the utmost caution for their surrounds. Oh, but caution was the last thing on her mind with her lover’s lips so soft and hot upon her skin. He pressed with more insistence upon her stomach, drawing her closer still, and she rolled her hips back to meet him. It thrilled her to feel him already erect, the solid grind of his cock moving along the crease of her arse. That alone had her chewing at the inside of her lips, trying to hold back the small sounds of pleasure that longed to escape her; she had forgotten just how big he was, and relished the reminder.
He gave her a small rock of his hips, teasing her as his left hand rose up to palm her breast through her gown. He squeezed her body against his as she fought her fluttering eyelids and heaving breaths. They inhaled together as their bodies realigned, moving in slight, slow undulations, he snug against the curves of her bottom, she arching her back to increase the contact. For a time, neither seemed willing to surrender that connection between them, the heat and subtle friction. He brought his cheek to hers, brushing her hair aside for his mouth to nuzzle just beneath her ear, hot and wet enough to make her gasp in pleasure. Her ears and her neck were just two of her many weaknesses he enjoyed taking advantage of, and he did it so well. His teeth clicked against the pearl droplet that hung from her lobe, and he gave it a soft tug before he spoke again.
“You’re stunning tonight – breathtaking,” he told her. “No woman is your equal. Out there in that crowded room, I cursed every second we could not be alone, that I might truly worship you.”
“How noble of you to keep such illicit thoughts hidden, particularly in such a public place,” she teased.
William groaned into her ear. “I’ve been hard for you since the moment I laid eyes on you tonight. My prick aches for you, and only you, my beautiful queen.”

Ugh, you have to love a man who gets right down to business – or pleasure, as the case may be 😉 As always, there’s plenty of skillful seduction, dirty talk and steamy sex to enjoy. If you fancy a closer look, it’s available right now at SmashwordsAmazon, and is winging its way elsewhere as we speak. You can expect a couple more steamy little novellas like this soon enough, but that’s all I’m saying for now.

In other news, novel #2 is well on its way, and even better news … it’s a two-parter! My fabulous, amazing editor and I have settled on a February 2017 release date for part one, with news on part two to come. I’m going to be posting a couple of samples closer to the time, so keep your eyes peeled. You can expect a snarky, sexy king, a strong, stubborn noblewoman, impact play, D/s themes, humour, a touch of heartbreak, and maybe even a little love.

We all need a little love sometimes x