Surrender At Sea, and more!

It’s finally here! The elusive full-length novel I’ve been dying to publish. It’s currently available at Smashwords, Amazon, and all your favourite ebook retailers. Surrender at Sea:

Surrender At Sea

When her lord father’s ship is captured by pirates, Lady Isabella Spencer is determined to save them all from certain harm. She braves the pirates’ wrath to negotiate her own ransom, offering herself as hostage to the most wicked of them all – the shameless and infamous Captain James Turner. He’s a man keen to take what he wants, and Isabella soon finds herself firmly in his sights. She comes to see there’s more to the man that first meets the eye – more than that sudden, shameful attraction of their first meeting.

The man is a contradiction unto himself, as civilised as he is savage; as handsome and charming as he is rough to the core. When she steps out of line and must accept the captain’s punishment, the same as the rest of his crew, she finds more at his hand that she ever dreamed possible – an unspeakable pleasure she knows she must resist. A true lady would never even consider giving in to such a scoundrel … no matter how hard he tries to seduce her. Can she resist his silver tongue and wicked ways long enough to await rescue? Moreover, the longer she spends staring into the man’s piercing blue eyes, as deep as the ocean, does she really want to be rescued at all? A sizzling hot tale of seduction, surrender and romance upon the high seas. (129k+ words)

It’s a story of two very different people, and the rough voyage they take from enemies to lovers. As such, you can expect a whole lot of snippy dialogue, and some very hot, passionate sex. You can preview the first couple of chapters via Smashwords, but here’s a little snippet from later on for you to enjoy:

Isabella felt herself flush. “You … you dastard. You would have let it go on. You would have just sat there and allowed for it to continue, had I not had the nerve to stop him myself. A true gentleman would understand when a woman is in need of his assistance.” A cold burst within her chest momentarily dulled the heat that crept over her skin. She had admitted, albeit under duress, that she needed him. She sank her teeth into the inside of her lip. There was no chance he would have missed it. “You, sir, are a poor excuse for a captain, if ever I’ve seen one,” she added quickly.
I’m growing awfully tired of this brattish behaviour of yours, lovely.” His eyes dipped lower, feasting once more upon her body. His arrogant smile remained firmly in place. “Perhaps it’s time I take you over my knee again. We both know how much you enjoy that.”
A small, wanting sound escaped her. She shook her head, anger welling up at herself. “You’ll never lay hands on me again.”
The captain stood. “So you say, love, but we both know you’ll sing a different tune when you’re on your hands and knees, now don’t we?” He shucked his shirt, taking his time, making her wait. His grin spread wider as Isabella’s eyes betrayed her, darting downward to take him in. “Is that what you’re in need of, Princess? Should I tan your lovely hide before I let you take my cock? Is that what you want?”
I want nothing from you.”
The captain shook his head. “Now, we both know that’s not true, else you wouldn’t be standing naked in my cabin.” He chuckled. “Why don’t you try again? Don’t be afraid of being honest, Miss Spencer – it doesn’t become a woman of your stature to lie, although it is rather fun to watch you struggle with yourself.”
As much as she told herself not to give him the satisfaction, she could not help but scowl. “And, of course, you enjoy nothing more than my discomfort.”
The captain raised his eyebrows, spreading his open palms towards her in a mockery of innocence. “Perish the thought, Princess. I much prefer it when you’re comfortable around me. It opens up an entirely different side of you, and gives me all the more facets of you to enjoy when you’re … pleased.” He let his eyes slip over the curves of her breasts and hips, drinking his fill and making no effort to hide his admiration. “Tell me,” he said, at last, “is it often you take any man in hand so willingly, or does a man have to rile your temper for the privilege?”
A rush of air burst from her nostrils. She felt her jaw tremble, yet kept her lips firmly clamped together until she had gathered at least some semblance of calm. “You do that without trying, Captain.”
So I do.” A sneer curled his upper lip. “But this isn’t just about tempers and the like, is it, pet? This is about longing – lust – pure and simple. You want me,” he said, and it was almost an accusation. “You want me, and like anything else you’ve ever found yourself inclined towards, you expect it neatly in the palm of your hand. You noble women are all the same – even if you are a mite more appealing than some.”
He was just as hungry as she was, and yet it seemed he was set on tormenting, rather than taking her that night. “You’ve had everything in life handed to you so easily, Princess. Why should I just give you what you want, hmm? You preen your feathers and turn your little nose up at all of us you deem beneath it, yet I continue to give you what your body begs for – even when you haven’t the guts to look me in the eye when you plead for it. You long to be taken – you lust for it, just as well as any other woman – but you’re too much of a blasted snob to admit you like it. You were bold enough back there – bold enough to grab a man you hate with no coercion. Why is it so hard to reach for the one you so clearly want?”
A sob made its way into her throat, and Isabella was quick to choke it down. She hated the man for his infuriating smile, his words that cut far too close to the bone – never had she expected to hate him for rejecting her. She turned back to the bed, shocked to feel the tremble in her legs as she seated herself upon it.
Changed your mind so soon, my lovely? That’s an awful shame.” His voice dropped lower, a sly little pout pursing his lips. “Don’t tell me I’ve finally fucked all that rage out of you.” His words brought her back to her feet in a hurry, his widening grin serving to grate her as he knew it would. “That’s it, love. Come and take what you want. I’ll give it to you – you know I won’t leave you wanting.”

I’m pretty certain he won’t! It’s a story of how two people can just connect against all the odds, and focuses on overcoming prejudice and preconceptions in the face of true desire. It’s more historical fantasy than fact, as I’ve been a little bit lenient with bathing and the like (with fresh water a little scarce after so many weeks at sea), but I think the romance more than makes up for it. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it just as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

That about sums it up, but wait, there’s more! If you want an extra little taste of Captain Turner’s exploits, then look no further for The Pirate Captain’s Pleasure, available at Smashwords right now, and on its way to being published everywhere else as we speak:

The Pirate Captain’s Pleasure

Lady Margery Branwood has been neglected for too long, and when her lord husband abandons her at sea, leaving her entirely at a wicked pirate captain’s mercy, it’s the final straw. Faced with the devilishly charming James Turner, she soon learns that even a scoundrel such as he can teach her a thing or two. The man has already stolen her jewels, but she’s more than willing to let him take a good deal more! (14k words)

It’s a stand-alone novelette – a good chance to get yourself acquainted with the sexy pirate captain, several years prior to the events in Surrender At Sea. Captain Turner finds himself with a different woman on his hands – one who’s been ignored for far too long by her lord husband. The poor woman hasn’t even been able to orgasm. Luckily for her, the lustful captain is only too happy to be of service, and to show her just what she’s been missing. It’s a little tongue-in-cheek, with plenty of dirty talk, and some fun and frolics to steam up your e-reader. Here’s a little sample:

“Surely …” She gave a little cough and caught her breath, finding her throat hot and dry, while her mouth remained so very wet and wanting. “Surely, James, the things you speak of are a man’s pleasure alone,” she managed at last.
He leaned in to tut against her ear, the soft click of his tongue sending more bright sparks scattering like hot embers through her body. “Oh, Margery, you poor, poor woman. To be so rich, granted life’s every luxury, only to be so deprived where it truly counts. A poor woman indeed, in the ways of intimacy. Let me touch you, dear woman. Let me kiss you again, and in more wondrous places than your sweet mouth. Allow me to show you all that your neglectful husband has not, and I’ll teach you just how pleasurable such things truly are. A woman like yourself, denied nothing, used to the finer things in life … surely she deserves the best, hmm?” He let the decision weigh upon her a moment, every soft breath warming her ear, his soft lips tickling, teasing at her lobe. “And I assure you, my dear, I do mean the best.” He gave a low hum that made her shiver. “What say you, my lovely? Does the lady truly wish to be ravished after all?”
His voice dropped to a mere whisper. “Does she want to be fucked?”
The words sent a sudden pang through her belly, leaving her gasping, her vision slightly blurred with the intensity. Oh, even good and graceful God could not protect her from her urges, when she herself had been left so defenceless, so entirely at another’s mercy. Oh, how could she be expected to resist such a wicked man when he had enchanted, bewitched her so? She was a good woman – a good woman who now thought of wild and inappropriate things she had never before dared. Pleasures, such pleasures as he would show her, as wild and wonderful as his kiss. She wanted them all. She gave her answer with her head bowed, but the captain had none of it; he turned her face up to his with his strong fingers, so that their eyes met.
What was that, my dear? What’s your answer to be?”
Margery felt herself flush. “I said … I said yes, James.”
His smirk twitched at the corners. The glint in his eyes set her poor heart pounding fit to break free of her chest, but it was that lower pulse that truly alarmed her – the one that ached and throbbed between her legs and made her squirm where she sat. That second, sinful pulse had not been so strong since her wedding night, before the exciting secrets she had heard only whispers of as a maid had been uncovered, and found to be not so exciting after all. This man – this devil of a man could give her back that excitement. She knew it as well as she knew her husband would never hear a word of this, would never know of how willingly she had given herself to another man. She would never speak of how much she found herself wanting the wrong man; who might just be the right man at last.

Phew! That’s all from me for now. Be sure to have a sexy and safe new year! Lots of love for 2016 x